Monday, February 23, 2009

Bull parades and good breeding

I finished a full-on day in Hamilton last week with a bull parade. Some of New Zealand’s top dairy stud bulls were on display at a re-branding launch for the company CRV AmBreed.

These impressive beasts are vital in the production of superior dairy cows.

Genetic innovation results not only in increased productivity gain but has the potential to solve some of the challenges agriculture faces.

Climate change obligations and environmental expectations are just some of the hurdles. Increasingly, society and international markets are demanding proven environmental sustainability.

We are yet to find the solution when it comes to animal emissions. Solutions to these issues we face will result from the use of natural resources including genetics and the generation of new ideas through research and innovation.

Companies such as CRV AmBreed and Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) are underpinning the future and prosperity of New Zealand agriculture with their world-leading deployment of cutting edge technologies and practises.

New Zealand has a crucial role to play in the international genetics market.
These companies are a critical part of the international mix, not just for the export potential, but for the opportunity to effectively serve the world’s best dairy farmers.

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