Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meat matters

Action is needed to revive our flagging meat industry.

Lamb returns in the UK market are at their highest, but our sheep and beef farmers are struggling.

The announcement by the Meat Industry Association and Beef + Lamb New Zealand for a joint strategy to lift the industry’s performance is exactly the sort of action needed.

The Government has thrown its support behind the initiative because we are committed to restoring profitability to the meat sector.

It is only with concerted co-operation from everyone involved that we will see results.

New Zealand’s meat sector represents nearly $6 billion in export receipts and supports thousands of jobs.

Our farmers are efficient and innovative producers of high value products and the world is demanding more.

But with more and more land being converted to dairying and forestry, farmers must be convinced that there is a future in sheep and beef farming.

This new partnership is an obvious link to the future profitability of the sector.