Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saving the Mighty Kauri

Every Kiwi would agree that kauri is a treasured species that must be protected for future generations.

This made our recent pledge of $4.7 million to help save kauri threatened by a disease known as ‘kauri dieback’ all the more significant.

The total fund for the future management of kauri dieback now stands at $9.8 million, thanks in part to the support of several regional councils working closely with government agencies and Maori to combat the threat.

The disease is attacking kauri trees in the upper North Island and on Great Barrier Island. It is a serious biosecurity threat to kauri which, as New Zealanders, we are duty-bound to protect.

Our ancient kauri forests are a really important part of our ecosystem, as well as being part of our heritage. This funding will help us to maintain them into the future.